Leaking Pipe | Water Leak Detection

Wasted Water. Wasted Money.

Sometimes we don’t take water leaks very seriously. A faucet is dripping? “It can wait.” A few drops around your water heater?  “Probably nothing.”

Well, all water leaks are “something” and bound to become bigger somethings unless taken care of right away.

At Eagle Service Company, we do much more than repair or replace leaking pipes.  Our related services include:

  • Electronic water leak detection so we can locate unseen water leaks…these tend to cause the most damage as they can go undetected for quite some time
  • Slab leak detection…if you have a carpet over a concrete slab and the carpet has a wet spot or feels wet to the touch, no doubt you have a slab leak
  • Sewer and drain camera detection…using our state-of-the-art cameras, we can locate the source and extent of drain clog or leak, both above and below ground

Water Leak Inspection | Electronic Leak Detection

Our investment in cutting edge technology helps save you money. That’s right: faster and more accurate detection saves time, money, and prevents unnecessary digging. Plus, early detection and repair means less damage to walls, ceilings, valuable possessions and more.

Finally, let’s not forget how much water you can save through early detection and repair. Consider the following. If your faucet dripped once every second every day, all day, it would take only four and a half hours to reach one gallon. Over time, you would waste five gallons of water per day and 2,082 gallons per year.

Have a leaking pipe, faucet, toilet, water heater, or any other water leak at all? Contact Eagle Service Company for prompt and dependable service, and with your 100% satisfaction guaranteed.