New Heating System | New Furnace

What Do You Look for in a New Heating System?  Have a Look Through Our Eyes.

At Eagle Service Company, we’re your home comfort partner, and not just your home comfort provider.

Here’s the difference.  When you call to inquire about a new or replacement heating system, our first step is to schedule an in-home visit.  Unless we see your home, talk to you about your family’s home heating needs, and have a look at your current system, there’s very little chance that we can make an accurate new system recommendation.

When you purchase a new heating system from Eagle Service Company, it’s designed, not just installed.  It’s properly sized to keep your heating costs in check and help your system last longer.

And, if your home is prone to excessive dust or dryness, we can demonstrate how to correct these and other indoor air quality issues.

Gas Heating System | Electric Heating System

In the end, here’s the most important thing we’ll recommend:  precisely the right heating system for your home and budget from among these choices:

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Ductless air
  • Heat pump

Ready to see and feel what a modern, high efficiency heating system feels like?  Then contact Eagle Service Company today for a free in-home evaluation and proposal.  And be sure to have all your questions ready:  we’ll take the time to answer each and every one.